I spent the day outside, in a capacity unfamiliar to me. Writing and reading are how I spend my days normally, the location doesn’t matter. Today was different. I crawled around my backyard and took pictures. Bugs crawled past me or over me and I didn’t care. All that mattered was the world behind my camera lens.

Right beside the house there’s a patch of small flowers. So small I normally missed them, but I’ve taken to watching my feet and that includes taking in the ground around my feet. I’m so glad I saw them.

Not every bundle of the small flowers had bloomed, so it took me a while to even notice there were smaller flowers within the flowers.

I didn’t even know stamen could look like that. It was a pleasant surprise.

Fall has begun. This is hard to forget when so many of the flowers are shriveled. I still think them beautiful.

It is another world entirely on the ground. They have their own pine forests.

With buried treasure.

And fossils.

So please be true to yourself. You can open new worlds when you do.

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